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Steve Stine

Steve Stine

College Degree

Male |Fargo, United States

Basic Modern Rock Guitar Techniques

28 May

2011 10:00 AM (CST)

This class ran for 60 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

This is a FREE class! We will discuss basic guitar techniques like chords, palm muting, guitar riffs, the pentatonic scale, technique exercises, bending, vibrato, basic guitar licks etc., depending on time available.

About the Host

Steve Stine

Steve Stine

College Degree
Fargo, United States

Born in North Dakota, Steve recieved an electric guitar on his 13th birthday. He began taking guitar lessons and learning to play music by "ear".
Once in High School, Steve was given his own studio to practice in before and after school, as well as during his study halls.
After graduating from high school, Steve started playing in various local bands, and began attending Minnesota State University Moorhead for a music performance and education degree. While in school, Steve began teaching private guitar lessons, as well as group guitar classes for Schmitt Music. There was a time when Steve's student count exceeded 100 students! Steve began yearly concerts with his students called "StineStock or SchmittFest", in which the kids would all play contemporary music with other kids, teachers, local band members, family and friends.

Soon after, Steve began playing full time with a band called "Dozer", with Pat Hewitt and Karl Kreutz of Mata Hari fame. While playing and touring with them for over 10 years, he began other side projects and various recording endeavors with other local and worldwide artists. During this time, Steve began working at the Red River Valley Academy Montessori school as a Music Instructor.

In 2007, he met Steve Grimmett, singer extraordinaire of Grim Reaper fame. Steve Grimmett attended Steve's wedding as his best man in Scotland. Soon after, the two developed a close friendship and musical bond. They began writing across the ocean (Steve Stine in the USA, Steve Grimmett in the UK), and formulated "GrimmStine". Brought on board for the recording and performances was Dave Johnson and Hat of Sons of Posiedon fame.

Soon after, the CD was released by 2 major labels worldwide, and a radio blitz ensued. As a result of these new contacts, Steve began co-writing with numerous other artists across the globe, with many projects to be released very soon, including a new GrimmStine CD.

Steve has recently been hired as a Guitar Instructor at North Dakota State University, where he teaches modern guitar classes.

Steve currently still lives in Fargo, ND, is married, and has 2 wonderful children.

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